About HB Scaffolding

Who we are

HB Scaffolding is a growing company that has established a reputation for providing a health and safety conscious scaffolding service. Our attention to detail during the construction of scaffolding means that there is a heavy focus on building safe and secure constructions, which provide a rigid platform for you to undertake your work. Before the scaffolding’s usage, we will examine it closely to ensure that it is safe to be used.

Our experience within the construction industry has outlined the importance of being able to erect and dismantle scaffolding when our customers need it to be. We are a flexible company and our scaffolding service is tailored around your specific needs, whether for short or long term hire.

We have experience in erecting scaffolding for buildings of all shapes and sizes, therefore we are always able to supply tailored scaffolding solutions that allow your construction process to run smoothly.